Blog Post (11/8/18) Why I Have Decided to Self-Publish Tavern

I’ve decided to self-publish Tavern after much deliberation. The choice was always available and its something I have been considering for a while. I thought to at least give traditional publishing a try before jumping into it, however. Now that I have and learned a bunch about the process, I think it’s fair to say that I believe self-publishing—at this time—is the best option for me. There are a couple of reason that I want to get into, the main which is creative control.

After talking with a hybrid publisher (don’t do a hybrid publisher, it’s not a good idea), I’ve learned a lot thing about the process of self-publishing. One thing struck a chord with me. Creative control. With self-publishing and indie industry, I would have control over things like the editing, cover artist, and formatting. I could basically take the time to create my own brand and image in my book. That appealed strongly to me. One of my biggest things with traditional publishing at this time is that I wouldn’t have any control over these processes and I wanted to at least experience that before I go forward with in that route one day. This appeals strongly to my creative side and I’m looking forward to learning more and more about the process as I step forward.

The second reason is the experience. Self-publishing will give me experience. The main issues with most of the agents that I have encountered are that they aren’t confident in my experience. I’m a fantasy author, first and foremost. Fantasy takes some experience to get into and most people are grandfathered in. This will give me some experience and help me network better in the future. I need a piece to read and I need to get used to the editing process.

The third reason is it’s something that I believe in. Tavern is my passion project, or at least the start of a larger world. For that reason, I want it out there. The rejections that I received for this project often told me that I had the skill but they weren’t confident in me as a marketable author or it wasn’t their style for their list. The latter I can understand. The former rubbed me the wrong way. I am a bit of an oddity in the industry and they aren’t confident that I will hit the audience that they think I want to hit. The thing is, I believe strongly in this project and in my ability as an author to survive in the genres that I write. I’m aiming to prove them wrong and perhaps one day catch the interest of an agent that will truly have my best interest in mind.

Lastly, you guys. I want to be able to provide a product for you guys to enjoy. Everyone has been incredibly supportive of me and my cause. I’m still hoping that one day I’ll be synonymous with some of my fantasy author heroes. For now, I’m going to have to work at it and build my way up. I did not choose this as a last resort. I chose this because I feel like this is the best for my career at this time. Wish me luck as I take the step forward.

See ya next Thursday,
Deston D.J. Munden

I will also like to thank everyone who already donated to my GoFundMe.

I will also like to thank Gareth L. Powell, Dyrk Ashton, A.Z Anthony, Garrett Robinson, Jonathan French, Sean Grisby and Jenna Moreci for all their guidance and advice. Also, everyone at the TL: DR Press, Reddit Writer, and amwriting community on twitter.