Blog Post (12/20/2018) Talent (Yeah, It Exists…)

Blog Post (12/20/2018)

Talent (Yeah, it exists, doesn’t mean that it’s required.)

There’s this misconception I’ve seen going on. A friend, my brother, and I got into a discussion about talent. They are in the mindset that if you aren’t talented at a thing, why bother even trying to attempt it? I got into one of my passion filled rants on the topic that I have no choice but to share with you guys now. Listen up people. Say it with me: natural talent is not the be all, end all.

I’ll be the first to admit that I wasn’t good at writing. Honestly, I was terrible (if you want proof, I can give you proof, just DM me). Throughout my entire high school life, I was surrounded by writers that were better than me. Same with artists. I kept telling myself why even bother to work on something when there are other people that are better. I soon realized that’s not the mindset anyone should be in. There are going to be people that are going to be better than you are. That’s just the reality of the situation. It doesn’t mean that your efforts should be trivialized or that you aren’t improving because you aren’t the level that you want to be.

The only person you need to be comparing yourself to is yourself. I will tell anyone, do what you want to do creatively every day. It doesn’t have to be long. It doesn’t have to be a huge project or even a lot of progress. Just do it every day. At the end of say eight weeks, look at the progress you made. Then keep doing that until you reach a year or two. You’re going to see improvement if you are legitimately working on your project or craft. I feel like so many people get caught up with comparing themselves to others that they don’t see what they can do with their talents.

My friend from earlier (and you know who I’m talking about if you’re reading this) said that they don’t have the skill to do what they wanted. It boiled my corn because I’ve been talking with them for years. I’ve seen their creativity and their ability to create. But this person is probably one of the most creative people I’ve seen. Their potential is out of this world. They consume so much creative media and can speak to you about what they liked or didn’t like in a piece (especially anime and manga). But he got it in his head that he’s not talented. It drives me up the wall. I know he could do something amazing but he got in his head that why bother?

Why NOT bother?

What do you have to lose? You have all your life to do something that you want to do. Why not take that gambit and keep improving? Yes. You might not be as skilled as you want to be at first. It’s going to take some time to get where you want to be. Even then, you might not be as skilled as the people that you admire. But you gotta think, there’s someone out there that’s going to see your work and think that you are their favorite author or artist. What do you have to lose? Just try it!

Rant over. But for real, guys, don’t get caught up on what you view as natural talent. Yes, there are people out there that’re going to be really good at what you want to be good at. That doesn’t mean that you can’t attempt to share your creativity with the world. It might surprise you. Your idols might just become your peers.

See ya next Thursday (hopefully if my publishing business is not all over the place),

Deston D.J. Munden


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