Duke’s Brand

Chapter Numbers: 25
Word Count: 105,000
Genre: High Fantasy/Adventure


Ser Torlyek’s an awkward, soft spoken man fumbling around his newfound knighthood—the Duke’s Brand. Though many knight orders trust the mostly former criminals of the Duke’s Brand little, they continue to prove themselves as one of the strongest knight orders in the land. When a new member–a mysterious half-orc woman from noble blood–joins their ranks, they are suddenly targeted by one of some strongest lords in Dargath. A dark shadow of familiarity creeps into Torlyek’s new world as faces from the woman’s past slowly blend with faces of his own. Faced with a difficult choice, will the Duke’s Brand be forced to stand with their newly acquired member or turn her in to the people targeting her? What of Torlyek’s difficult past that still haunts him to this day? 


Table of Contents

*subjected to change with publication* *In progress*


Chapter 1: Hammer to a Nail

Chapter 2: Bones on the Road

Chapter 3: Spearpoint

Chapter 4: Fresh Start, First Steps

Chapter 5: Steel will be Steel

Chapter 6: Road to the City of Light

Chapter 7: Flight of the Heron

Chapter 8: The Waking Forest

Chapter 9: Heart of the Empire

Chapter 10: Legacy

Chapter 11: Sea Elephants and Moon Owls

Chapter 12: Umbra in the Celestial Court

Chapter 13: The Sangria Storm

Chapter 14: Repentance in the Abyss

Chapter 15: Cloud to Cloud

Chapter 16: Aftermaths

Chapter 17:  Stormson

Chapter 18: Frontal Assault

Chapter 19: Monstermaker

Chapter 20: Knight’s Vow

Chapter 21: Quiet Defiance

Chapter 22: Escaping Stormfront

Chapter 23: The Breaking Horizon

Chapter 24: A Falling Sunset