Dusk Mountain Blues


Chapters: 20 (19 + Epilogue)
Word Count: 80k
Genre: Science Fiction


The Caldwells have one goal in life: to be left alone. They’ve been living on the backwater planet of C’dar for years, smuggling and scavenging their way to a comfortable life on their Homestead. But you know the saying about all good things – they come to an end. The Civilization wasn’t content with falling apart the first time and has finally caught wind of the ol’ boys and girls on their little rock in the middle of nowhere. Ain’t nothing much they can do about that, though…except fight ’em.

It all comes down to three generations of Caldwells— Luke “Drifter” Caldwell, Woodrow “Appetite” Caldwell, and Cassie “Kindle” Caldwell—as they fend for everything they call home. What is isolation worth?



Table of Contents

*subjected to change with publication*


Chapter 1: Drifter: Bluesky Swindling

Chapter 2: Appetite: Catfish and Biscuits

Chapter 3: Kindle: Red Fires to Keep Warm

Chapter 4: Appetite: The Workings of a Patient Man

Chapter 5: Drifter: A Somewhat Quiet Kinda Hoedown

Chapter 6: Kindle: Crocodile Walk

Chapter 7:  Appetite: Shadows in the Well

Chapter 8:  Drifter: Sensible Brooding

Chapter 9:  Appetite: Simple Gathering

Chapter 10: Drifter: Brimstone

Chapter 11: Kindle: Moth Wings

Chapter 12: Appetite: Humility//Hubris

Chapter 13: Drifter: Red Touched Dreams

Chapter 14: Kindle: Vanilla and Cloves

Chapter 15: Appetite: Gluttony Incarnate

Chapter 16: Drifter: Torchlight Trigger

Chapter 17: Appetite: Shadows and Fire (Separation and Love)

Chapter 18: Kindle: Breaks and Cracks and All Things Bad

Chapter 19: Appetite: Starlight Exodus