Chapters: 30 (29 + Epilogue)

Word Count: 160k
Genre: High Fantasy/Adventure
Publication Date: March 26th, 2019


In the magical world of Dargath, the story follows Xel— an orc tavern owner, an information broker, a healer, and guildmaster of the Blackwind Company. Though a resident of the city of Lladad for only two years, Xel has found a place far better than the forest from which he came.

When a simple act of kindness reels him into unraveling a plot to destroy his new home, Xel is forced to do what needs to be done with the contacts that he has to protect it. Xel’s morality, his livelihood, and his ambition are pushed to their limits against a wizard powerful enough to rip the city apart.

He must scheme with vipers, mingle with royalty, blackmail in the slums, and fight assassins and mercenaries. Most importantly, he needs to lean on the support of his friends to keep him steady and safe from his own inner demons tempting him with tales of failure.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Backbone

Chapter 2: The Company

Chapter 3: Threads

Chapter 4: Deals

Chapter 5: Fragiles

Chapter 6: Flash, Dash, and Bash

Chapter 7: Old Dreams

Chapter 8: Invitation

Chapter 9: Summer Vipers

Chapter 10: Dance Over the Sea

Chapter 11: Jigsaws and Card Games

Chapter 12: The Gang’s All Together

Chapter 13: Grand Parade Escapade

Chapter 14: Mute

Chapter 15: Simple Philosophies

Chapter 16: On Your Feet

Chapter 17: Starscape

Chapter 18: Out of Reach

Chapter 19: Old Loves in Rays of Sunlight

Chapter 20: Intersection (Of Roh and Victor)

Chapter 21: Half a Sword

Chapter 22: Endless Stretching Web

Chapter 23: The Emerald Rage

Chapter 24: The Cravings of Animals

Chapter 25: Law of the World

Chapter 26: Crimson on Verdant

Chapter 27: Red Dance, White Dance

Chapter 28: The Invasion of Storms and Stars

Chapter 29: Weaknesses of the Heart



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